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Apples' Rants

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I hate talking about myself. If you'd like to know something ask.
1st person shooters, 350z, acuras, alternative music, anime, auto customizing, auto detailing, avoiding cops, ayashi no ceres, backpacking, baking, biking, books, broadway shows, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, business, bye bye birdie, calvin and hobbes, camping, cars, cats, cheesecake, chinese food, clubs, coffee, computers, concerts, conspiracy theories, cooking, copying dvd's, dave matthews, dogs, dragons, drinking, driving, dvd's, eating out, eggnog, ender, evanescense, eve6, fae, fantasy, fire, friends, geeking, girls, god, goddess, grease, greek food, happiness, hardware, harry potter, hiking, history, home theater, honda, horror, hot rodding, individuality, internet, italian food, japanese, japanese animation, kingston, kittens, live, lord of the rings, magic, magick, magik, mazda, miniature golf, mountain biking, movies, movin' out, mp3's, mp3s, music, neon genesis evangelion, networking, new paltz, new york, nickelback, nissan, noir, occult, orson scott card, outdoors, pagan, partying, philosophy, photography, poughkeepsie, puppies, ramen, reading, red hair, relationships, religion, rent, retail, rock climbing, roland deschain, role playing, roleplaying, rsx type-s, rx-8, sales, saving the world, sci-fi, science fiction, self determination, sex, shakespeare, sleeping, small business, snow, something awful, spellcasting, sports cars, star wars, stephen king, street racing, swimming, technology, thai food, the dark tower, the davinci code, the music man, theatre, threesomes, thrillers, thunderstorms, tolkien, trigun, video games, warez, weird al yankovic, wicca, witch, wolf's rain, writing