Of jobs and apartments

So the rep from TEK Systems (the company that I've gotten the one off jobs I've been doing from) called me Tuesday. He had a contract to hire position to pitch to me with Celestial Seasonings.

Celestial is an awesome company. When I first moved out here I threw my resume at them several times with no response. I haven't heard anything bad about working there.

The position is IT, full time, and if I get hired on permanent, 30-35k a year. I've made a habit of turning nothing down lately, so I said sure, I'll head up to interview.

I did so yesterday and it went very well. The rep called me back tonight and said, while he didn't have official confirmation, it looked like they were going offer me the position.

Awesome, right? There's a catch.

From my apartment, which I haven't even been in a month, it's a 42 mile commute one way in large city traffic. Best case, 1 hour each way. Worst case, hours. Plus, I did the math and commuting that distance 5 days a week until my lease is up means putting 21,000 miles on my car in 11 months with a weekly gas cost of $60 (at today's prices). Looks like I may be breaking my lease.

And I JUST finished unpacking ....

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45 things to know about Super Bowl XLV


9) Somewhere in a snow-covered Pennsylvania suburb, there is a woman adding the ingredients for Roethlisburgers to her grocery list. You just KNOW there is.

‎38) Stephen Dubner’s popular Freakonomics blog ran a contest asking “What do the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers have in common?” The answer? They’re the only two teams named for industries. Although he didn’t mention it, Philadelphia remains the only one named for a terrible rock band.

42) According to Nielsen, 74 percent of all households who earn more than $500K plan to watch the Super Bowl. The other 26 percent will be releasing their hounds into crowds of orphans, supervising Bob Cratchet as he works, or doing whatever Oprah does on a Sunday afternoon.

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Survived interview round 1. Interview round 2 is Monday. If I'm victorious, there will be a paperwork/background check bonus round and ... NEW JOB! (Sorry, been playing Fable III - I'm in quest mode)


I went to a resume writing workshop yesterday and the instructors basically threw out every commonly used resume writing theory. I thought it was fascinating and wanted to share it.

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The Winter Solstice

The Celtic Festival of Yule is one of the most evocative and significant festivals for Pagans and Wiccans. At the winter solstice, Wiccans and Pagans choose what to take with them into the New Year, and what to leave behind. The Wheel of the Year always turns, but the shortest day is a festival of rebirth for Wiccans and Pagans.

This year, in addition to the Solstice, the December full moon falls on the same night AND there will be a full lunar eclipse.

The last time this happened was December 21st, 1638. The next time it will happen, 2094.

A very significant night to say the least.

I find myself contemplating rebirth. Renewal. I have a lot to leave behind this year. I find myself compelled to celebrate this day, somehow.